If you have a store front or a used car lot, you probably have invested a lot of money if your inventory hoping to sell them at a profit to cover your rent, expenses, and salary.


But many small to medium sized used car dealership today are investing disproportional in things such as newspaper advertising, signage, or big automotive portals.

These types of investment in advertising are a good for instant exposure, but their advertising life span is usually very short with no residual effect what so ever. So how do you generate more leads, and quality leads from an online source? Well the answer is simple, consistency and little hard work.

For one if you have a business and not having a web site that is well designed and developed for the user experience is a death sentence. Today with ever increasing competitions in the market place, even many smaller dealerships have a very impressive looking web site.

These types of web development work are no longer exclusive to the bigger dealerships. Imagine your potential customer has just visited your competitor’s professional looking web site and comes into your poorly developed and mainly text based web site. How much confidence do you think they will have in your business?

Having a well developed web site is not that costly today, just look around there are many web solution providers can do a very good job for a reasonable amount. Having the web site is one thing, but inputting data in a consistent basis is another.

I understand you may use the excuse of been busy and lack of training to avoid inputting data into your web system, but it is crucial for you to have latest and up to date information right at customer’s finger tips.

Today’s tech savvy clients are used to be pampered by the web portals of their choice; they will have a very short attention span. Use your web site as a tool to communicate rather than push them away, attract your customers to stay rather to leave.

Another great way to generate more quality web based leads is through SEO work, these types of work is not so expensive but they have some ever lasting residual effect you can benefit from for years to come.

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