What’s the ideal 2013 business plan? It’s a timely question, at least it is as of this writing, but the only way you can know what to cover in the document this year is depending on what your business’ specific needs are.

Do you have to hire some new people onto the staff? Then you should develop a careful personnel plan and a new OrgChart.

Need to acquire a competitor in order to keep growing? Then you need market research showing the share they’d bring into the fold and an overview of what products would now be yours.

Want to launch a new service yourself? Then you should check out the industry to see how it will fly. No matter what your needs are this year, the 2013 business ought to show:

• What your business seeks to accomplish

• The objectives you envision by year

• The capital you need and how you will spend it

• The people who run your organization (bios)

• The competition you face and what new risks are emerging

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