Why You Need a Media Plan

The number of avenues available to automotive retailers to sell their merchandise is larger than it has ever been before. Potential customers receive messages through commercials, radio ads, direct mail, e-mail, social media, websites, word of mouth, and a plethora of other sources. Navigating this complicated world can be challenging, so having a strong and focused media plan can make sure that your limited advertising dollars are used in the best way possible.

What is a media plan?

A media plan helps you advertise in the right place at the right time to the right people. A media plan analyzes which avenues are best for your area, and what types of potential customers are likely to be most responsive to what kind of ad. Nothing is worse than creating an awesome commercial only to realize that it was run on the wrong channels and had little impact on the bottom line of your dealership.

Another way that a media plan can help is it can aid in making all of your marketing work cohesive. A commercial might send someone to your Facebook page for more information. This could in turn send them to your website or encourage them to stop by your dealership. But through this entire process, your potential customers are interacting with you and your business. The process by which they turn from potential to satisfied customers begins with a plan that unites all of your media efforts.

WorldDealer Can Craft This Plan

Many dealerships may be uncomfortable with shifting an advertising strategy that seems to have worked in the past. However, we have seen that typically there are holes in existing plans that fail to target the customers that your dealership wants the most. We can help you reevaluate your existing offerings, and we can help you tweak it so that every time you communicate with your customers, it has maximum impact. We can also help you start from scratch to build a media plan that is perfect for your dealership and your area.

No media plan is one size fits all. So, it’s important that every automotive retailer has a plan that uses their marketing dollars most effectively.


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