In today’s economy, everyone wants to keep their vehicles looking great for as long as they possibly can.  One area of the vehicle that is often thought about when it is too late is the dash. 


The sun shining through the window can quickly fade and damage a dash.  Using a dash mat can help to protect the dash not only from fading but from cracking and peeling due to the sun damage.

Car Dashboard Covers are available in many custom fit designs, many different colors and many different materials today.  You can choose from suede, carpet molded or molded vinyl plastic mats. 

All of these will keep the sun away from your dash, protecting the colors and keeping them fresh and new as well as protecting against peeling and cracking caused by drying from the sun.  No one wants a dash that looks like that.

A new dashboard will cost hundreds, if one is even available for your vehicle and requires hours of labor to take out the old, damaged one and install the new one. 

In addition, any time you remove a dashboard from a vehicle you run the risk of causing further damage to the instrument panel and other electronics in the vehicle.  This can mean additional expense and additional repairs.

While the Car DashMat saves you from costly repairs, it also increases the value of the vehicle at trade in or resale.  Who doesn’t want to save money as well as ensure a maximum value for a trade in? 

Many people buy interior cleaner designed to also protect the vinyl, leather and plastic in our vehicles, but these products require repeated applications and repeated costs.  The dash mats provide protection to the dash as well as help to eliminate glare and reduce the temperature inside the vehicle.

Already have damage to your dash?  A Custom Car Dashboard Covers can improve the appearance of your vehicle and provide all of the other benefits listed above as well. 

Placing a dash mat on the dash now will stop further damage, reduce the glare inside the vehicle and help keep the interior cooler by reducing the reflection from the sun. 

Adding a dash mat to a dash that is already damaged actually will improve the trade in and resale value of your vehicle in the future without replacing the dash.

No one wants to buy a vehicle with an ugly dash.  Everyone looking at your vehicle in passing will see the sun damaged cracking and peeling dash.  It just doesn’t look good! 

By placing the Dashboard Car Covers over this, instead of making people want to turn away, it makes them want to look closer.  Protecting your dash should be a priority to you. 

After all, a vehicle is an investment that you want to last a long time.  When you are ready to invest in a new vehicle, you want to get the maximum dollars you can from the old one to lower the payments on your new purchase.  Protecting your dash with a dash mat helps you do just that.

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