Everybody hates getting into their vehicle after a long day at work and having the interior be so hot that you can hardly bear to sit on the seat.  Window Deflectors can help with that problem.  Can be mounted on the outside of the window or in the window channel, depending on the model.  Some are attached with adhesive tape while others are just placed in the window channel.  These Window Deflectors, also known as window visors, actually cover the top of the window on the outside, making it possible for you to leave the windows opened just a bit for some air to circulate.

Window Deflectors are available in smoke gray scratch resistant, indestructible Lexan material, chrome dipped or camouflage colors.  The camouflage is available only for trucks and SUVs.  These are very easy to install and long lasting.  There are many benefits to having these on your windows. The Side Window Deflectors can allow you to have your window down slightly in any weather to enjoy a bit of cool air without having to deal with rain coming into the vehicle.

Attaching those that are applied with adhesive is simple.  You clean the area where the visor is to be attached, line the vent visor up, remove the backing from the tape and stick the side window visor in place.  That’s it, you are done.  The style that fits in the window channel is equally as simple.  Line the visor up with the channel and snap into place.  You and your passengers are protected from flying dust and soaking rain in a matter of minutes.

At the same time as allowing you to enjoy a bit of cool air while driving, the Window Wind Deflectorsalso help to keep the interior of your vehicle somewhat cooler.  Because they are made from tinted Lexan material, they reflect the light rather than draw it into the vehicle.  They also resist transferring the heat from sunlight into the vehicle.  The interior of your vehicle can be severely damaged by sunlight.  The UV rays can bleach out colors and cause damage to the materials.  Using the side window deflectors helps to reduce the UV rays that are allowed into the vehicle, thereby reducing the damage that is caused.

In addition, it’s comforting to think about being able to get into your vehicle without burning yourself on the seat when you sit down.  There are many options to help combat this problem, but none so simple as installing the window deflectors.  They also look very stylish once installed.  While they change the look of your vehicle just a little bit, it is a subtle change that isn’t going to be so glaringly obvious to be a distraction.

If enjoying cool outdoor air is important to you regardless of the weather outside, consider installing side window reflectors to protect you and your passengers from soaking rain and flying debris as well as snow, sleet and hail and reduces outside noise.  The Window Vent Visors allow for this while allowing you to enjoy feeling the breeze.

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