There are many ways a person can be in danger in and around their vehicle today.  With the increase in crime there are many reasons that you would want to be prepared for an emergency.  Thankfully today almost every person carries a cell phone with them.  This can mean the difference between life and death in many different circumstances.

There are some key situations that a person should know how to handle should they ever be in that position.  Below includes some tips on how to deal with the individual situations that you may find yourself facing.

What is the best defense if you are attacking while walking to your car?  First it is important to remember that every person man and woman is vulnerable when walking alone.  The way you carry yourself will be your first defense.  Someone who seems timid and scared will be the first person that the attacker goes after.  They are less likely to fight back which means easier to get what they want.  If you carry yourself with confidence and do not act concerned about your surroundings, the attacker will not want to come after you.

When you feel as if your personal safety is threatened, you should make every attempt to bring attention to yourself.  If you are driving or at least in your car, you should honk your horn and flash your lights to draw attention.  If you are still approaching your vehicle you should yell loudly to get the attention of anyone in the area.  When you draw attention to you, the attackers will generally go away.  After all they are looking for an easy target, not attention from others.

If you feel as if you are being followed the first thing to do is remain calm.  Even if you do not feel calm you need to have the appearance that you are calm.  If you are in your vehicle you might think the safety course is to drive home.  However this is actually the worst thing you can do.  If you drive home the person following you will now know where you live which is something you definitely do not want.  Instead you should drive to a populated area such as a gas station that is brightly lit.  If you are on foot you should quickly find an area where there are other people.  This will help reduce the risk of being attacked.

When you feel threatened, there are several things you could do to signal for help from others around you.  When in your vehicle you can use the various signals within the vehicle to tell others you need assistance.  The hazard lights or emergency flashers are a universal signal that you are in need of assistance.  Turn those on first and foremost.  You could also use signs that read “Please call police” or “send help” to get attention of people to bring you more help.

If your car breaks down in unfamiliar territory you will want to find a way to get help without getting out of the vehicle, especially in the dark.  Using your hazard lights, signs or flares will draw attention to bring you the help you need when you need it.  Additionally using your cell phone you can call 911 or the police to come to your assistance.


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