The BR10 is made specifically for us,” says Total Seal product specialist Keith Jones, noting that the oil’s viscosity is typical of a SAE 0W-10. “If your engine’s set up to run a light oil, like Pro Stock, then it should be broken in using a light oil.”

The BR10 is designed for engines built with tight clearances and prepared to run 0W-0 up to 0W-20 grade oils. It leaves just a thin film layer that allows the rings to seat in quickly. Total Seal says it’s fully formulated and requires no EOS or other additives.

“It can be used for up to two hours of break-in or dyno time before changing to race oil,” adds Jones.

Total Seal also worked with Driven to develop BR30, a break-in oil with a viscosity typical of SAE 5W-30, and BR, a break-in oil typical of SAE 15W-50. BR30 is good for tight clearance and/or low-temperature break-in.

“It’s set up more for restrictor-plate and drag-race engines as well as OEM rebuilds,” says Jones.

The new Total Seal assembly lube is a non-foaming product designed to mix withs the BR break-in oils and extend film thickness during the critical break-in period. Total Seal says it won’t harden or cause parts to become sticky.

Two views of the new 0.6mm thin top and second rings from Total Seal.

Also showcased in the Total Seal booth at SEMA was a new 0.6mm top and second piston ring.

“Rings are getting thinner and lighter,” says Jones. “They’re mostly for drag racing, Comp and Super Stock applications. The goal is to just keep reducing the weight and friction.”

The thin rings are constructed of stainless steel and come with Total Seal’s Diamond Finish. In addition to the 0.6mm top and second ring, the oil pack is only 2mm wide. The ring sets are available for popular bore sizes between 4.000- and 4.250-inch.

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