Every year during the SEMA Show, hundreds of companies submit their new products to be judged by their industry peers in hopes of being recognized for being the best new “X” among all of the entries. Needless to say, these awards aren’t all that easy to win with the stiff competition going head-to-head. Many times small companies walk away with the best new product or engineered award, just as easily as the big boys will. This year, Auto Meter is introducing a new boost controller and they were awarded Best New Product, which is one of the more contested and prestigious categories of the bunch. “It isn’t a traction control device, its a traction enhancement device,” says Joseph Mills, Director of Digital Media/Marketing with Auto Meter. 

Auto Meter has been known for providing industry leading gauges for decades. So, for them to enter the market with a boost controller, they knew they had to bring something pretty special to the table. The first thing we noticed was the size – the entire controller is actually built into the standard 2 1/16-inch gauge. There are no external boxes or additional electronics needed (outside of sensors). This not only makes installation a breeze, but it monitors all of the vitals in the vehicle, away from the heat and environment. It also provides quite a clean look and feel. 

Another really cool feature is the way they addressed how people actually use and tune their vehicles. You’re now able to control the boost by RPM (500 rpm increments) or by choosing the gear. This means that the tuner has complete control over when and how the boost comes in throughout not only the RPM, but also the speed and gear of the vehicle.

Then in true Auto Meter style, they offer a one-touch recall to see what the maximum boost pressure reached way – and they also record the pressure during the cycle. The data logging function is able to report not only boost, but vacuum in absolute pressure or gauge pressure. This should make your tuner’s life much easier to see what the boost pressure is at what RPM and speed.

The boost controller, also, has a host of other features like the capability to send an external signal out to control other devices, set high or low boost modes, over-boost protection, configurable warnings and finally the ability to diagnose its own inputs (tach and speed).

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