If you want to be a gentleman, buy an Aston Martin. If you want to show off, buy a Ferrari. If you love tech, buy a McLaren. If you want to tell the world you need a straight jacket, go buy a Lamborghini. And if you buy a Lamborghini, get the best one you can. That's this, the Gallardo LP550-2.P

Lamborghini wanted me to drive the Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder so bad that they, and this is not a joke, called me after I begged them and offered me the chance to spend a weekend with a Gallardo. I said very yes. Very very yes. The most yes. If this is a dream I don't ever want to wake up.)

The Gallardo has been around since 2003 with one refresh in the middle of its run. For most of its decade in existence, the Gallardo has been all-wheel drive, which is something Lamborghini started doing with the Diablo because they were tired of people crashing and burning in their really wild exotica.

I got a note the other day that Valentino Balboni would be in town this week for an annual Lamborghini rally with Gotham Dream Cars. The note also… Read…

But there was one man within Lambo who still wanted rear-wheel drive, and that was legendary test driver Valentino Balboni.When it was time for him to retire, Lambo asked what he'd like in a car. What he wanted was a Gallardo. A rear-wheel drive Gallardo with a manual gearbox and one of the most fantastic stripes ever applied to a car.P

But it proved so popular that once the run was over, Lamborghini kept the car in production as the LP550-2, with both a manual and the paddle-shift e-gear transmission (The car in this review had the e-gear). It became the least expensive car in the Lambo lineup as well as the purest. Now, as the Gallardo begins its march off into the sunset, the LP550-2 represents the end of an era for Lamborghini. The Gallardo is their best ever selling car. Whatever replaces it has gigantic shoes to fill.P


There are very few cars that I look at and think are works of automotive perfection. The Gallardo is one of them. The wedge shape, the use of LEDs, the angular lines. It's one of the most sinister and menacing cars on the road, and you cannot mistake it for anything else.

The Gallardo is the exact interpretation of what I think Lamborghini should be. Ridiculousness and fighter jet inspiration is all well and good, and works on one-offs like the Veneno and Egoista, but the Gallardo is not a car for that. It's aggressive and restrained at once. Lambo has built a car that actually gives me goosebumps and makes me do a double, triple, or sextuple take every single time I see it. Some here on staff say that the removal of the roof doesn't work on this car. 

My answer is simple: Don't put the top up. It looks amazing.

There is nothing about the car that I don't like. I don't think it can be improved.P

I originally gave this, one of the absolute best looking cars ever on the road, a 10 for exterior. Our first 10 ever for design. Matt told me it had to be a 9. We had an argument, where I told him why he was wrong. But since I value a paycheck, this car is now getting a 9. Please direct all hatred his way. 

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