Mitsubishi has announced U.S. market release of the Outlander PHEV has been delayed until 2015.


Back in April we heard news from Mitsubishi halting production of the Outlander PHEV due to some battery-related issues. Since then the problem has been fixed but Mitsubishi has announced the car won't make it to United States until 2015 due to bottlenecks in battery production.

The problem has to do with a limited battery production capacity at the firm's main battery supplier, Lithium Energy Japan, which is a joint-venture established by Mitsubishi and Japanese battery manufacturer GS Yuasa Corp and trading house Mitsubishi Corp.

Initially, just 2,000 battery packs were made each month but output has increased to 4,000 units and will be further expanded to 5,000 units in April 2014. The Outlander PHEV was supposed to reach U.S. before the end of this year.

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