Have a friend full of bad ideas who can talk you into partaking in said bad ideas and somehow make you enjoy every moment, no matter how much you’d hoped not to? I’m that friend to a lot of people, and I’m guessing Jack Roush is, too. I say that because I’ve just crested 100 mph in a 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor outfitted with Roush’s Phase 2 supercharger kit.

A wickedly quick linebacker

What a fantastically bad idea, not only doing 100 mph in a truck with 34.4-inch tires but also building this thing in the first place. I’m neither a truck guy nor a fan of vehicles that are uncharacteristically fast. A sports car with a sub-6-second 0-to-60 time? Yes, please. A 6,000-plus-pound truck that’s just as quick? Yeah, no. But that’s what this 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is capable of, thanks to Roush’s Phase 2 kit, which pushes the standard 6.2-liter V-8 from 411 hp and 434 lb-ft of torque to 590 hp and 590 lb-ft.

“I crest 100 mph as I exit the tunnel and continue charging forward, ready to take the Raptor to whatever top speed it can hit.”

Savage symphony in a tunnel

The package costs some $13,000 and includes an upgraded radiator, upgraded intake manifolds, upgraded intercoolers, a cold-air intake, an ECM recalibration, Roush decals, a boost gauge (of course) and, our favorite addition, a high-flow cat-back exhaust system. Before starting the run to and past 100 mph, I rolled down all four windows in a tunnel just outside of downtown Detroit and slammed the hammer down. The noise is all encompassing. Beneath its bloodthirsty, deafening snarl, there’s a soft crackle coming from the exhaust and a whisper of a whine coming off the supercharger. I crest 100 mph as I exit the tunnel and continue charging forward, ready to take the Raptor to whatever top speed it can hit.

Fortunately/unfortunately, my foolhardiness/fearlessness is fleeting. At 110 mph, I run into the truck’s top speed limiter, which I wrongly assumed Roush had removed. (The company says it doesn’t remove the limiter, because the Raptor’s drivetrain can’t handle speeds much higher than 110 mph.) A small part of me is relieved. Another part is livid. I try telling myself that coaxing a set of tires with a 112-mph speed rating to its limit is unwise. But I want more -- more speed, more noise, more fear masked as excitement. One weekend in this 2014 Roush Ford F-150 Raptor had me wanting more, as much I’d hoped it wouldn’t.

2015 Roush Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Specifications

Base Price:$53,095

Price as tested:$67,546

Engine:6.2-liter OHV supercharged V-8

Power:590 hp @ 5,500 rpm (est.)

Torque:590 lb-ft @ 4,500 rpm (est.)

Transmission:6-speed automatic


EPA Mileage:11/16 mpg (city/highway)

0-60 mph:5.5 sec

Top speed:110 mph (electronically limited)

L x W x H (box):67.0 x 50.0 x 22.4 in

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