Honda has had some pretty interesting concept cars though the years, and has really encouraged designers to think outside the box. While those inventive designs seems to be absent from Honda's current lineup, there's no shortage of interesting insight into Honda's vision of future mobility throughout the years. 

Honda says it believes "great innovations can spring from seemingly crazy ideas. That's why we encourage our engineers to come up with the most radically innovative Concept Cars they can imagine." The online website allows anyone to view 3 dimensional images, which can be printed and downloaded, as well.

Funky concepts like 1999's Fuya-Jo show a playful side, with the concept's intention to allow drivers to "cruise the streets with the freedom of a skateboarder." While this concept wouldn't exactly be a wind tunnel champion, it's fun to see something truly different, and creative. 

The Honda FSR Concept previewed intelligent safety as we know it today, by alerting the driver of potential dangers. While now these are common systems in many cars, the idea was fairly progressive back in 1994.

There are others such as the Honda Kiwani from 2003, which looks like a stretched Toyota Prius with Lamborghini ambitions. Or, a badass Honda Fit. The Japanese automaker says the low silhouette evokes the simplicity of the country's architecture and landscape design. You can even check out the Acura NSX conceptannounced last year, or the view some of the other unique and playful concept cars.

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