It often happens that in Porsche's line-ups the S models are the best all-rounders, with just enough performance at just the right price. We got behind the wheel of the new Porsche Macan S to see if that logic applies to the new Porsche compact SUV.

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A quick look at the figures seems promising, with a 0-62mph time that only lags behind the flagship Turbo by six-tenths of a second. You'll have to do without the PASM active suspension as standard, but having not had the chance to drive one without it, it's hard to say what effect that'll have on handling. Nevertheless, our PASM-equipped car was extremely sharp, staying flat and level through sharp bends. The chassis and the steering are both playful and engaging in a way that no other car in this class is.

For the majority of the time you won't miss the extra 39bhp that the Turbo gives you. Accelerating up to motorway speeds is a breeze, and it was only on unrestricted sections of autobahn that we noticed the S being a little down on performance.

Porsche Macan S interior

You won't have to forego much luxury in the cabin, though, which is just as stocked high-quality materials as the Turbo. It feels solid and clearly laid out, too, and if you want you can add Alcantara headlining and LED ambient lighting to up the quality even further. You do miss out on sat-nav, though, which is included on the Turbo.

We were surprised by just how comfortable the Macan is on the move - Porsche's are generally on the firm side of comfortable but the Macan is actually really adept at soaking up bumpy roads. Air suspension is an option on all variants, adding a final layer of smoothness to the ride. It's incredibly refined, too, with wind noise only really noticeable once you're above 70mph.

The best thing about the Macan S has to be its price, though. Yes, it's expensive compared to many cars this size but it also offers unmatched performance and handling for £43,300. If it was up to us we'd save £16,000 by not opting for the Turbo and spend the cash on some options. 

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