When you've got a brood of four children, taking a trip from Michigan to Florida becomes a hassle. You could raid the piggy bank to purchase six plane tickets, or instead pack the family into a large crossover and hit the Interstate. Our friend Mike De Turris and his wife took the latter option, and borrowed our 2014 Acura MDX for a 2000-mile road trip.

De Turris soon fell for the 2014 Acura MDX as he headed south on I-75, activating the adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist systems to make the journey even easier. "The seats were very comfortable and there wasn't much road noise, helping the kids fall asleep quickly," he reported. "I found entering a new destination in the navigation system to be cumbersome, but playing Pandora Internet radio over a Bluetooth connection was straightforward."

The family used all three rows of seating, and even put the rear-seat DVD player to use so the children could watch DVDs rather than hassling mom and dad. When getting his kids settled in the MDX, De Turris noted that the third row of seats lacks a LATCH system, meaning it's not ideal for bolting in a child seat. He also found that with all three rows of seats raised and in use, there wasn't much space left in the cargo area for suitcases, leaving him skeptical his family could do a weekly grocery run with the MDX.

"I don't think this vehicle would work for a family of six on a daily basis," he said, noting that several smaller bags had to sit on the vehicle's floor.

All told, De Turris came away from his ten-day road trip impressed with the capability and comfort of our 2014 Acura MDX. "I really enjoyed driving the MDX, and it averaged 24 mpg on our trip," he reported.

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