Springtime has brought fresh impressions of our Four Seasons 2013 Jaguar XJL, which has been with us for nine months now. Time goes by quickly in a handsome British luxury car, and the beauty of these yearlong tests is that they allow us to consider the cars from many different perspectives. This month, several of our younger staff members weighed in on what it’s like to spend time in a Jaguar.

Associate web editor Eric Weiner took the XJL on a date to downtown Ann Arbor and admitted that he wasn’t totally at ease—with the car, that it is. “Because of the super long nose and high windows, I felt like I had to prop up my seat a ton to get comfortable and see well out of the cabin. As a result, my head was nearly touching the ceiling, which never, ever happens to me in a car,” says Weiner.

His date, however, was more than impressed with the Jaguar XJL, whose long proportions and shiny chrome are attention-getters. “Whoa, what is this?” she blurted out when Weiner arrived to pick her up. Being able to inform a date that you drive a Jaguar is always a good thing, at least in our experience.

Meanwhile, Joey Capparella, another of our young associate web editors, also took the Jag out on the town. His crew enjoyed the spacious backseat, soft brown leather with attractive stitching, and the intricate, nautically styled vents.

“I am surprised by how small this car feels from behind the wheel,” he says. “I got out of the car after driving around downtown and was taken aback by the XJL’s length. To me, it drives smaller than our Four Seasons Kia Cadenza, and it feels about the same size as the Lexus GS I drove a few weeks back. That’s impressive for a sedan with this much space inside.”

Videographer Sandon Voelker, a grizzled Automobile veteran—though he’s still only 25 years old—also enjoyed some time in the Jaguar XJL when he did a cannonball run to the west side of the state. In a millennial moment, he was able to quickly stow his two Apple iPhones and a giant Windows phone, though pairing some of them with the Jag’s infotainment system took some doing. His only complaint was that the car didn’t warm up quickly enough after he spent a long time snapping photos in the cold weather.

“I resorted to sitting on my hands with the seat heaters at full volume,” he laments. Now that’s a decidedly nonluxurious thing to have to do with a Jaguar XJL.

Still, the sentiments of the younger set jibe with those of their elders: We think the XJL is beautiful, it just has some quirks. How much they annoy you determines how much you like the Jaguar XJL.

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