The light turns green as I approach the intersection: Go time. Wheeling hard right, the on-ramp is almost immediate, a super-slow hairpin. Straighten the wheel, and it’s full throttle as the muscle-bound 2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe roars, supercharger furiously spinning, eight-speed automatic expertly shifting, rear spoiler deploying. Looking to the left, there’s a gap in traffic. A momentary lift of the gas brings a spit and crackle from the exhaust, then I'm hard on the gas again to shoot the F-Type into an opening in the left lane. Man, I’m going to miss that morning ritual.

Sadly, it’s almost time for our Four Seasons 2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe to head to the harsh and snowy climes of Detroit. Before it does, it’s going to need some TLC and a new set of shoes. And thanks to a vandal, it also needs some unexpected last-minute maintenance.

There was a time when most cars were on a 3,000-mile-or-so oil change ritual, but no more. Looking at the owner’s manual, the F-Type can wait until some 14,000 miles before its first full service. Before it went back to The D, it was approaching that number and had to get into the shop. The service was a straightforward oil change and inspection; the total damage came out to $188.69. Additionally, the team at Galpin Jaguar in Van Nuys, California, took care of a couple small recall items that popped up, including one to repair faulty wiring in the passenger-side seat-belt connectors that may have prevented the airbags from firing.

So now that it was all lubed up and ready to go, the 2015 Jaguar F-Type only needed a set of snow tires to be ready to take on the Michigan winter -- that is, until the window-smashing bandit showed up. A crazy man in the quirky SoCal beach town of Venice, where the car had been parked, decided to go on a windshield-pummeling rampage and massacred more than 20 of them before he was caught by police. Back to Galpin we went. It took the dealership a few days to source the glass, but $1,128.25 later, all was good as new.

Once we could see through the windshield again, it was time for winter footwear. For the F-Type we ordered up a set of Blizzak LM-32s sourced from the Tire Rack, our official wheel and tire supplier. Total damage: $1,230.38. We took it over to Foster Tire just down the street from our L.A. offices, and for a flat $100 they switched out the original Pirellis for the winters. The factory tires were pretty worn but still good for a few thousand more miles, so we shipped them back to Detroit for when it finally thaws there.

We’re going to miss the 2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe out here in SoCal. It was an absolute blast to drive hard as well as roll around L.A.’s mean streets like we were big-time ballers. Even up to its last days in town, the car continued to solicit a bevy of positive comments, thumbs up, admiring glances. Jaguar head designer Ian Callum and his team should be commended on penning a car that even after more than a year on the road still holds interest. The halo is still aglow.

Associate Web editor Jake Holmes just arrived on the West Coast, and he’ll be chaperoning the F-Type back to Detroit. Godspeed, young man, especially on those superlong on-ramps.

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