Want to maximize horsepower increase, wheel torque and sound on your Porsche Boxster 718 Type 982, without PSE, then the Remus Axleback sport exhaust with dual centered exits is the perfect choice for you Boxster 982, this aftermarket performance exhaust system is sure to please.  You will notice a significant increase in performance and torque do to the reduction of back pressure. 

The Boxster 718 Type 982 exhaust system includes:

686016 0500LR dual center exits (without tips, tips are purchased as an add on).  Remus tubing is 60mm in diamater compared with oem 55mm diamter. 

You will have your choice of 3 tips styles/finishes purchased as an add on. 

The Brand

Remus Innovation - High quality sport exhaust systems for cars- Extensive resources dedicated to development of superior exhaust systems.