Ducati Monster 1100 EVO With Remus HyperCone Exhaust

If one of the best Ducati sport motorcycles is to be voted on, then Ducati Monster 1100EVO is the first name to come up. 

Remus Exhaust Hypercone Silencer is the perfect aftermarket performance upgrade for the Monster 1100.

Ducati Monster 1100 EVO with Remus Exhaust Hypercone

Undoubtedly, the bike houses all the necessary features including racy handling, latest technology, and sporty delivery. The power in Ducati Monster 1100 is derived from its two valve engine setup combined with the crank case which drastically reduces the overall weight of the automobile. Produced using the latest Vacural technology, the quality standard is unbeatable and is the same applied by Ducati for its super sport models. The automobile gets an output of 100 hp at about 7500 rpm. 

Apart from the high power that the bike encompasses, it is extremely comfortable to drive. The steering angle has been improved to 64 degrees, which imparts it an extremely ergonomic position to handle. Moreover, the fuel tank has been sculptured exceptionally well and has been tapered to make it an extremely comfortable drive. The manner in which the engine of Ducati Monster 1100 is produced imparts high dimensional accuracy and ductility owing to the aluminum alloy which is used for its construction. 

The handlebars are wide and the waist is slim, what more can a sport bike enthusiast ask for.   You not only get the best of looks but also the best of comfort of all times. Moreover, bar-risers have been made 20 mm higher and seat has been decorated exceptionally well with the red stitches. The headlights in Ducati Monster 1100 EVO employ optical technology which is the latest in the market in the niche of automobile lighting. The headlight has been configured in the form of a triple parabola and has been constructed in such a way that the size is reduced as much as possible. 

Furthermore, don’t weigh the small size of the headlight with the amount of light produced by it. The parabolic light setup is capable of throwing a deep and broad beam of light, which provide exceptionally good visibility and enables the driver to driver comfortably and safely even during the dark hours. In fact, if you view the bike from the side, you will actually see that the silhouette produced by the light is aligned to the shape of the tank.

Undoubtedly, this model of Ducati has taken the monster story to an all new level, which is unbeatable.  

Not only does it looks great but also performs great. It is as pleasing to the eyes as it is pleasing on the roads. If you wish to enhance the power of your sport giant, then get the Remus HyperCone exhaust for your bike. Designed in a conical body, it is the best you can do for you Ducati Monster 1100 EVO.   The exhaust setup has an outlet cap made out of carbon coupled with stainless steel/titanium sleeve. All the mounting hardware come handy with the exhaust system and it is very easy to install the exhaust in your bike. Moreover, the exhaust is ECC approved and hence it is not required to worry about the quality of the product. You are also provided with the sound insert, which is removable and can be used as and when required.

Remus Exhaust Hypercone Dyno Monster 1100 EVO

Remus Exhaust Hypercone Dyno Monster 1100 EVO

  • Remus Hypercone available in 3 finishes
  • Stainless steel with carbon cap, stainless steel black with carbon cap, titanium with carbon cap
  • Convertible tone with removable sound insert
  • Includes all mounting hardware and connector
  • 1 year warrannty (never needs repacking)
Black Stainless Hypercone Remus exhaust silencer Monster 1100 EVO

Black Stainless Hypercone Remus exhaust silencer Monster 1100 EVO

Stainless Hypercone Remus Exhaust Silencer Monster 1100 EVO 

Stainless Hypercone Remus Exhaust Silencer Monster 1100 EVO 

Titanium Hypercone Remus Exhaust Silencer Monster 1100 EVO

Titanium Hypercone Remus Exhaust Silencer Monster 1100 EVO



2014 BMW 2 Series M235i F22 Coupe Remus Exhaust System

Remus just released 3 versions of their famous sport exhaust system for the recently introduced BMW M235i 2 Series F22 Coupe.

Available systems.  

  1. M235i Axle back system - price 549.00, includes rear muffler and choice of tip finish (tips are purchased separately)
  2. M235i Cat back system - price 1326.00, includes stainless steel front section from cat back and rear muffler (tips are purchased separately)
  3. M235i Turbo back system - price 2792.00, includes racing downpipes with sport catalytic converter (200 cpsi), stainless steel front section and rear muffler (tips are purchased separately)

Tip Finish Choices (tips are purchased separately)

  1. 84mm Chromed brushed street race tips with integrated valve control - price 588.00
  2. 84mm Black chrome street race tips with integrated valve control - price 626.00
BMW F22 with Remus Dual Tipped Sport Exhaust with integrated valve control

BMW F22 with Remus Dual Tipped Sport Exhaust with integrated valve control

Black Chrome 84mm Street Race Tip

Black Chrome 84mm Street Race Tip

2014 BMW M235i 84mm Brushed chrome street race tip

2014 BMW M235i 84mm Brushed chrome street race tip

BMW M235i Dyno results with complete turbo-back system installed

BMW M235i Dyno results with complete turbo-back system installed



Remus Hexacone Exhaust for the BMW K1600GT

Get The Best Exhaust Setup For Your BMW K1600GT Motorcycle: Remus Hexacone!

If you are thinking about a reliable and a practical Gran Turismo, then BMW K1600GT is the perfect choice for you. Offering an ultimate combination of comfort and performance; this amazing motorcycle is powered by a 1649 cc compact engine, which is all set to give out torque of 175nm and horsepower of 165 hp.

BMW K1600GT is powered by one of the most reliable and capable engines. The bike  delivers a whooping 70% torque at rpm of just 1500. The bike is backed-up with amazing power-house which enables it to attain the speed of 125 mph, with the fuel consumption being limited to 52 mpg at the speed of 56mph maintained throughout.

The BMW K1600GT rests on 17-inches wide wheels, which are wrapped in 120 ZR in the front end and 190 ZR in the rear end.  Moreover, the front wheel is provided with 320mm double disc brakes, which have been paired with fixed piston calipers. The rear wheel comes with 320 mm dual disc brakes and doubled piston-based calipers. 

If you love travelling in style, then BMW K1600GT is the best bike for you. Undoubtedly, the bike has transformed long distances into free space. The vision of BMW Motorrad has taken a new shape with this bike. The bike is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, which gives it power like never before.

Amazingly, all the unbelievable facts associated with BMW K 1600 GT are impressive. To add to this list is the riding experience, which is beyond words. The power units have been installed transversely in the motorbike imparting it an exceptional level of performance as well as unbeatable smoothness on the roads.

If you are in mood to discover the sporty side of yourself, then BMW K1600 GT is all there to support you with its exceptional burst of speed, even when the engine is in its lower speed range. The power reserves in the bike are huge and the dimensions have been reduced considerably. No other bike has ever witnessed such a compact 6 cylinder setup before. The vehicle comes with never-like-before handling and increased freedom while rushing the BMW through the city streets.

The exclusivity of this GT is increased with its adaptive headlight setup, which improves the safety of the motorcycle actively. A unique key triangle has been implemented in this touring bike between the handlebars, foot rests and the seat. Moreover, ample amount of leg room has been provided in this bike, providing comfort for pillion passenger and the rider.

If you are looking out for an efficient exhaust setup for your BMW K1600GT, then the Remus Hexacone exhaust is the optimum choice for you. The exhaust setup comes with connectors and canisters on left and right side. Moreover, you are provided with all the necessary hardware required for mounting the exhaust setup on your bike. Weighing about 1.5 kg, the exhaust setup is EC approved and comes with 1 year fully covered warranty for all the material-related defects and any cracking due to fatigue.  To learn more about the Remus Custom Hexacone Exhaust System for your K1600, click here



Remus CatBack Exhaust 2012-2014 Ford Focus ST

New IN Stock - Hot Setup Ready to Ship

System:  Full CatBack consisting of Front Silencer, Rear Silencer, Connecting Tube and Dual Centered 4.52 Inch '80' Style Angled Brushed Stainless Tips

Part Number:  20512 0300 Front Silencer List 388.00

Part Number:  20512 5580S Rear Silencer, Connecting Tube and Dual 4.52 inch tips List 777.00


Only sold as a full system, Total Price is $1165.00, this price includes shipping to Continental US Locations Click Here to Buy



Advantages of Adding and Aftermarket Car Exhaust

Advantages of Adding an Aftermarket Car Exhaust
A common complaint about modern performance cars is their feeble exhaust note. Some manufacturers try to overcome this by piping exhaust sounds into the cabin of the car; in the case of the new BMW M5 a recording mimicking the engine noise is played over the stereo.
Modern exhaust systems strangle engines, affecting their power, fuel economy, and performance. An aftermarket exhaust can overcome these deficiencies and improve the exhaust note, increase power, and reduce fuel consumption.
A good aftermarket exhaust will be tuned to emit a pleasant but throaty sound that reflects the mood of the car. When driving slowly, the exhaust note will be subdued, but its rumble will show that this is a car with a powerful engine. When the driver hits the throttle, the exhaust note will harden and its growl will reflect the increased power and engine, speed giving the driver aural satisfaction and pleasure.
It's Legal
Quality aftermarket exhaust systems meet legal requirements, will not blast the eardrums of passersby and yet remain clearly audible to the driver.
One important aspect of exhaust systems is the catalytic convertor that removes noxious byproducts of combustion, and premium aftermarket exhaust systems incorporate improved catalytic convertors that work as well as the original without suffocating the engine.
Manufacturers may skimp on silencers, using cheap methods to deaden sound, which restricts the engine and causes high back pressure on the engine. A free-flow exhaust increases engine power by reducing this back pressure, and uses other effective methods of reducing engine sounds to acceptable levels through the use of resonators that cancel sound without causing excessive back pressure. A power increase of 5 to 10 percent is possible.
Build Quality
Many OEM exhausts are built using mild steel or corrosion-resistant steel, but these tend to fail after a period of time depending upon the distance travelled and the environmental conditions.
Aftermarket exhausts are built using stainless steel and heavier gauge steel than is used in OEMs. These systems will usually last the life of the car and when made to exacting tolerances, fit precisely to the original fittings on the car, avoiding stress on ancillary components.
What to Buy
Any backyard mechanic with some welding experience can knock together an exhaust system, but discerning motorists know that properly manufactured exhaust systems are best and that is why they go for crafted high-quality systems that add value to their cars.

Where to Buy

Quality aftermarket exhausts that provide less back pressure, increased power and awesome sound can be purchased BUY NOW




The Remus Brand

The Brand

Remus Innovation – High quality sport exhaust systems for cars and motorcycles – Extensive resources dedicated to development of superior exhaust systems. 

The Product

Performance Car Exhausts

Performance Motorcycle Exhausts


Research and development take a high priority

Cutting edge State of the Art Research and Development Center

Modern sound lab with a 4 wheel chassis dynamometer

Manufacturing Process

Computer controlled laser cutting

Mandrel tube bending

Manual and robotic welding


Car sport and racing exhaust systems are constructed with 304 stainless steel, or full titanium construction for Titanium II exhausts. 

Motorcycle exhaust insides are constructed with stainless steel and have a choice of finishes, in carbon, ss, black ss, titanium.  Most models have removable sound inserts.


Increased horsepower and wheel torque, back pressure reduced up to 80%,  light weight durable construction, direct replacement fit, uses oe connecting points, awesome sonorous sound, and cool aesthetics.  Tuned specially to each application


Quality construction, 304 stainless steel construction, free flow design, quick and easy installation.  Bikes have choice of finish, carbon, titanium, stainless steel, black stainless steel where applicable.  Removable sound inserts where applicable. 


Cars – 3 years unlimited mileage

Bikes – 1 year against defects, never need repacking

To purchase a Remus Exhaust for your car or motorcycle please visit RemusExhaustShop



BMW R Nine T and Remus

BMW 2014 R Nine T, what a perfect name for their 90th anniversary.  BMW has developed the perfect roadster which features a purist design with multiple ways of customizing it to your liking.

Ride feel, casually cool design and sound are the hallmark of this machine.


Powered by 2 cyl, “boxer” 4 stroke flat twin air/oil-cooled engine, two camshafts and 4 radially aligned valves per cylinder

Upside down telescopic fork with 46mm diameter at the front

Cast aluminum single-sided swing arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever, central spring strut, spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable, rebound damping adjustable at the rear

Removable rear frame

Enough room for 6” rims

Standard fitted ABS

Single dry plate clutch, hydraulically operated

Constant mesh 6 speed gearbox with helical gear teeth

Shaft drive

Electronic intake pipe injection

Dual disc brake, floating disk discs, 320mm diameter, 4 piston radical calipers in the front

Single disc brake, 265mm diameter, double-piston floating caliper in the rear

BMW Motorrad ABS

Max speed of over 125 mph


HP Carbon Mudguard

HP Carbon Engine Cover

Tank Bag with Attachment System

Rear Bag with attachment system

Aluminum tail cover


Custom rider’s seat with R Nine T Logo

Custom passenger seat

Aluminum cylinder head cover

Safety cap for oil filler

Anti theft alarm


Remus has designed a perfect performance add on for the R Nine T.  The short HyperCone slip on silencer in 3 finishes, stainless steel with carbon caps, black stainless with carbon caps and titanium with carbon end caps,  Also available is a stainless steel header which deletes the catalyitic converter.  

Remus expects it's R Nine T system to be available in the US summer of 2014 we are taking pre-orders now.  

For additional information and pricing on a remus hypercone slip on or a remus full exhaust system for the R Nine T please visit RemusExhaustShop



Remus Exhaust Boosts The Quality Of Your Vehicle

Remus is a brand name that deals in vehicle performance exhaust products. Remus Exhaust is a superb quality exhaust with an excellent longevity.  Release of noxious gases through any vehicle exhaust is not only dangerous for an individual’s health but it adversely effects the environment also, it also reduces mileage.  These aftermarket exhausts saves you money, time, and energy. “Prevention is better than cure,” and it prevents mechanical failures in the future.  So, buy a Remus exhaust and increase efficiency of the vehicle and keeps you worry free.

Although, the exhaust system plays a crucial role in the functioning of any vehicle, many vehicle owners are ignorant of this fact. As a result of this the effective functioning of the vehicle deteriorates slowly over a period of time. A little ignorance on your part makes you pay heavy penalties down the road.  Hence, in order to keep yourself away from insignificant issues, replace your present factory installed exhaust system with an quality engineered remus exhaust system. Although, the market is flooded with a vast range of quality exhaust products, Remus Exhaust is the most trustworthy and well known company in Europe and is becoming more known here in the US. 

Remus is the most commonly known brand for performance aftermarket exhaust systems and you can buy its products online by visiting their website at remusexhaustshopdotcom.  The brand is extremely well-known for cars and motorcycle exhausts. The product is in great demand and has several benefits.  The deeper and affluent throaty tone generated by the system propels and jets the air with least disruption, which increases the efficiency of the engine by 5%-15% horsepower. Its products are made of stainless steel and it provides tough resistance from corrosion for a long period of time. 

The Remus exhaust system not only makes the vehicle appealing aesthetically but it eliminates backpressure also. It is easy to clean and its 304 stainless steel body enhances the life of the exhaust, thereby providing it great durability. In addition to the many benefits Remus exhaust provides, it saves on fuel too. So, even if you have a hobby of changing your car frequently, you can enhance the longevity of your present car and increase its resale value by installing a Remus exhaust. 



Remus Exhaust Shop The Best Option

Remus Exhaust Shop - The Best Option!

Dreams are defined by most as successions of images, emotions, ideas, and sensations that occur involuntary in certain stages of sleep. When we think of dreams it is often associated with something that is not easily achievable, for instance dream car. It usually doesn’t involve sleep and often times we go to great lengths to make our dreams come true.

We all have that dream car. Some of us choose high-class, some of us choose high-speed, others choose high-functionality, and some of us choose a classic. There is also a stereotype that comes with the word “dream car,” that would make us immediately jump to the multimillion dollar idea of a luxury car. Car enthusiasts, racers, and drivers would all agree when it comes to The Fast & Furious movie franchise about the fact that the movie has some of the best cars and car parts we have ever seen in our life and we could only dream of owning.

However, now we could dream no more since we could, little by little, pimp our rides and turn our dreams into reality by having affordable yet quality parts for our cars available in Remus Exhaust.

Remus - The World Leader:

Remus, the world leader in sport exhaust, offers a wide range of products for more than 5000 different cars and bike exhaust. Products are available from racing exhaust system, sports exhaust system, titanium exhaust tips, stainless steel exhaust system, and universal mufflers. Also, they are approved by internationally acclaimed brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, VW, Ducati, BMW motorcycles, Triumph, Vespa and the list goes on.

Products by Remus Exhaust also promote quality assurance with its state of the art technology, as sports exhausts are tested using back calculations and sound chambers. Remus is committed to excellence and technical expertise, and enhancing the car’s performance is their number one priority.

Find Out More:

You could log on to remus exhaust shop to find out more about Remus Exhaust and see for yourself the portfolio of exhausts that is made just for your ride. They offer shipping of products in the US and internationally, and some of it for free, depending on the location. So, why not stop dreaming about that car and start turning that dream into reality by visiting the Remus shop. Start looking for those parts that would make your car a sight and sound pleaser without overly dressing your ride, and nothing to worry about because it comes with a very affordable price.



Why Remus Stainless Steel Exhaust System for your Car

Replace Your Automobile’s Exhaust System With The Remus Stainless Steel Exhaust!

If you have noticed rust around the muffler and tailpipe of your vehicle then it is time for you to consider replacing your exhaust system. The OEM factory installed exhaust systems are not of a good quality as the manufacturing companies are on a fixed budget. So, these exhaust systems wear out soon. It is necessary to get the exhaust system replaced with a better quality system as the efficiency of the vehicle depends on this factor.

In short, with a good quality exhaust system, your vehicle will benefit considerably. The most important parts of an exhaust system consist of exhaust pipes, muffler, manifold, and catalytic converter. If your vehicle’s exhaust system is of high-quality then the harmful gases produced by the car are reduced considerably and this thereby helps in keeping the environment clean.

Hence, if you too want to contribute for a green Earth and would like to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle then start looking for a better-quality exhaust system. There is no dearth of exhaust system suppliers over the Internet. However, to select one of the best retailers is a daunting task. Among the numerous brands, one of the most reliable and trusted name is “Remus.” Remus is the number one brand that has been dealing in a large variety of performance products, which includes more than 5000 different cars and motorcycle exhaust systems. The Remus Stainless Steel Exhaust systems are made up of top-notch 304 stainless steel inside and out to completely satisfy their customers with superior constructed products.

As the core material of the Remus Stainless Steel Exhaust system is 304 Stainless Steel so you can be sure that you will receive a product that will last for long. This is simply because 304 Stainless Steel provides a lot more resistance against corrosive materials that are emitted from the automobile and thrown at it by the environment, as compared to other materials. Moreover, the main motto of Remus is to keep customers happy. Hence, you can be assured that you will always get excellent products whenever you place an order with them. To place order or for additional information, visit their website at remusexhaustshop and they also provide toll free phone number and online chat availability.

In addition, the Remus Stainless Steel Exhaust systems have a rich and husky race tone so that your vehicle gets noticed on the streets. They are made by using laser guided PC controlled cutting tools so that you receive the perfect exhaust fitments. Hence, if you want to make your automobile more efficient and are interested in saving fuel then get the exhaust system of your vehicle replaced soon. 



Remus Performance Exhausts for Motorcycles

Use The Remus Motorcycle Exhaust And Rule The Roads!

If the exhaust system of your motorcycle is producing a lot of noise then it is time for you to change its exhaust system. There are plenty of exhaust systems available in the markets, but to choose the best one among them is a difficult task. To make your task simpler, we have discussed the important aspects that a good exhaust system should meet:

-         Performance: Performance of the vehicle is of utmost importance and so the exhaust system that you purchase must perform extremely well in terms of functionalities like fuel consumption, speed, and much more.

-         Maintenance: Choose the exhaust system in such a way that you can service it by yourself and without spending a lot of money. Or, even if you call for a professional, then the maintenance charge must be minimal.

-         Air flow: It should allow sufficient outflow of gases and this will be possible if the size of the exhaust pipe is big enough.

Hence, it is necessary to check all these factors before purchasing an exhaust system for your vehicle. One of the most reputed brands that fulfill all these features of an exhaust system is the Remus. The Remus motorcycle exhaust has been designed in such a manner that you will have immense pleasure and satisfaction while using it. Remus is a well-known brand that has been offering exhaust systems for more than 5000 cars and motorcycles. Remus products are praiseworthy as their quality is amazing and this is the reason why customers purchase Remus products.

Remus motorcycle exhaust systems are the best selling products as they provide plenty of benefits to the user. The exhaust produces a deep tone that makes your motorcycle stand out from the crowd. It does not release a lot of harmful and toxic gases, thereby keeping the environment clean. As the exhaust is made up of Stainless Steel so it is durable and easy to clean. Moreover, it provides a strong resistance from corrosion while releasing the gases from the exhaust pipes.

These exhaust systems are fuel efficient and give a sleek look to the automobile. Moreover, it reduces friction and thus the horsepower is increased by 5% to 15%. In short, Remus motorcycle exhaust is the apt product for your motorcycle as it will help in optimizing the performance of your automobile. To know more about the amazing exhaust products for Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, HD, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph and Vespa motorcycles offered by Remus Exhaust Shop click here



Remus Sport Label Exhaust Systems

Use Remus Sport Exhaust Systems To Make Your Automobile Get Noticed!

Every automobile owner has affection for its vehicle; however, most of them do not pay heed to its exhaust system. An exhaust system is an important part of the vehicle as it helps in releasing burnt gases from the engine, which are caused due to the combustion that takes place inside the engine of your car or bike.

The gases that are released by the vehicle’s exhaust system are harmful for health, but are extremely necessary to keep the car running in a well-organized manner. Hence, we should ensure that the exhaust system of our vehicle is in proper working condition. A good exhaust system can keep the environment clean as well as provide better fuel mileage. If you think that your exhaust system is making a lot of noise and is releasing loads of toxic gases then it is time for you to get the exhaust changed.

There are numerous websites over the Internet that offer exhaust systems for sale and among them, one of the most reliable and trusted brand is the Remus. Remus is the number one brand name that provides more than 5000 automobile exhausts and among them, one of the quickest selling products is the Remus Sport Exhaust systems. Their products are made up of high-quality basic materials so that the buyers are 100% satisfied with the final product. Moreover, the Remus exhaust sound is a deep tone that would certainly turn some heads on the roads.

In addition, the Remus Sport Exhaust systems provide a 3-year unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty on its numerous products so that customers can purchase their products with confidence. Each system can be tuned perfectly in the vehicle. Most of the systems are made up of Stainless Steel as steel does not conduct heat simply, thereby letting the heat remain within the tubes.

Installation of Remus Sport Exhaust systems is extremely easy and can be done by using the factory mounting parts. In addition, they even offer an online chat facility, so in case you have any queries then you can get them solved by conversing personally with the professionals. Another way to contact Remus is by calling them on their toll free number or you can even email them and they will respond back to you within 24 hours.

Automobile manufacturers usually do not install the best exhausts in the vehicles as they are on a fixed budget. So, if you want your vehicle to have the finest exhaust installed then you must choose the one that offers the aforesaid advantages, by visiting Remus Exhaust Shop