Advantages of Adding an Aftermarket Car Exhaust
A common complaint about modern performance cars is their feeble exhaust note. Some manufacturers try to overcome this by piping exhaust sounds into the cabin of the car; in the case of the new BMW M5 a recording mimicking the engine noise is played over the stereo.
Modern exhaust systems strangle engines, affecting their power, fuel economy, and performance. An aftermarket exhaust can overcome these deficiencies and improve the exhaust note, increase power, and reduce fuel consumption.
A good aftermarket exhaust will be tuned to emit a pleasant but throaty sound that reflects the mood of the car. When driving slowly, the exhaust note will be subdued, but its rumble will show that this is a car with a powerful engine. When the driver hits the throttle, the exhaust note will harden and its growl will reflect the increased power and engine, speed giving the driver aural satisfaction and pleasure.
It's Legal
Quality aftermarket exhaust systems meet legal requirements, will not blast the eardrums of passersby and yet remain clearly audible to the driver.
One important aspect of exhaust systems is the catalytic convertor that removes noxious byproducts of combustion, and premium aftermarket exhaust systems incorporate improved catalytic convertors that work as well as the original without suffocating the engine.
Manufacturers may skimp on silencers, using cheap methods to deaden sound, which restricts the engine and causes high back pressure on the engine. A free-flow exhaust increases engine power by reducing this back pressure, and uses other effective methods of reducing engine sounds to acceptable levels through the use of resonators that cancel sound without causing excessive back pressure. A power increase of 5 to 10 percent is possible.
Build Quality
Many OEM exhausts are built using mild steel or corrosion-resistant steel, but these tend to fail after a period of time depending upon the distance travelled and the environmental conditions.
Aftermarket exhausts are built using stainless steel and heavier gauge steel than is used in OEMs. These systems will usually last the life of the car and when made to exacting tolerances, fit precisely to the original fittings on the car, avoiding stress on ancillary components.
What to Buy
Any backyard mechanic with some welding experience can knock together an exhaust system, but discerning motorists know that properly manufactured exhaust systems are best and that is why they go for crafted high-quality systems that add value to their cars.

Where to Buy

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